GeoSteering is the key to a successful wellbore placement and ultimate resource recovery. GeoGlide holds an impressive suite of equipment that allows us to look below the surface around the wellbore and GeoSteer through complex geology to better place your wellbore.

GeoSteering Offers You Better Certainty

With a team of GeoSteering experts and our robust suite of software and equipment, you can rely on the team at GeoGlide to support your wellbore placement through informed GeoSteering decisions. We’re able to look below the surface and make better, more logical decisions around the path we geosteer through. It mitigates seismic uncertainty while offering all teams involved better confidence in the placement of the wellbore.

We use a variety of software solutions >
We use a variety of software solutions

Real-Time, Accurate Data.

Our geosteering team will provide you with real-time data insights into the geology we’re working with and the reservoir objectives. Together, we can make timely decisions and pivot our projected route in line with the data we find and your well-designed criteria.

Choose GeoGlide, For The Efficiency You Need On-Site

When it comes to the oil and gas or mining industries, you need a company you can partner with and rely on for both accuracy and efficiency. That’s why we ensure our entire team is the A-team, in terms of both knowledge and expertise, as well as the efficiency they work with on-site.

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