Engineering & Performance Management

GeoGlide’s engineering and performance management team is responsible for all the analytics and planning required before we drill, while drilling, and post-job. They use our state-of-the-art software and equipment to create a plan and then monitor and enhance drilling performance.

Better Accuracy Is In The Planning

Our team of engineers ensures a safe and accurate path and plan for drilling. Using Innova technology, our team is able to comprehensively plan and deliver a path that bulls-eyes your targets and reaches where you need to be accurately, safely, and efficiently.

Ensuring Accuracy On The Job

No matter how meticulous the planning, occasionally we’ll need to adjust our plan on the job. With an agile team we can pull off these reactive tasks and adjust the plan as needed. Our engineers will always monitor the performance of drilling and wellbore placement to ensure total safety on-site and absolute success for your project.

Choose GeoGlide, For The Efficiency You Need On-Site

In the industries we work within, efficiency is absolutely critical. We ensure efficiency by keeping an expert, agile team on every project. Through our clever engineering and performance management, as well as our planning and analytics, we deliver successful projects every time.

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